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ceviche recipe

Recipe for Ceviche

The components of ceviche – raw fish marinated with citrus juices and other ingredients – vary depending on where it’s prepared. While ceviche originated in Latin America, it is now popular in many other countries, each with a different spin.


Grill-Seared Scallops

Unlike clams which are dug from mudflats and oysters that are pried off rocks, scallops are free-swimming and are harvested in trawls, dredges, or by divers.

andalusian mixed paella recipe

Andalusian Mixed Paella

Paella, like this Andalusian mixed paella, is perhaps one of Spain’s best-known dishes, originating in the Valencia region, and is one of the national dishes of Spain.

marinated fish recipe

Tangy Marinated Fish (Umai)

The key to this Borneo recipe for marinated fish is to use the freshest fish possible. The Latin American version of this dish would be ceviche, which also cooks the fish with lime juice.

Shrimp Jícama Cylinder Ceviche

Upping Your Seafood Game with Jícama

Before the generalized use of food additives in processed junk food, a good after school snack would come from the subsoil covered with dirt. Jícama was one of my favorite “all natural” snacks—along with cucumbers and coconut. Properly cleaned, peeled and cut in slices, sprinkled with lemon juice, salt, and […]