Seafood Products

We Taste-Test Plant-Based “Crab Cakes”

My wife, Mary Jane, is allergic to crustaceans–they give her gout flareups. But we wondered about the plant-based seafood products. We decided to buy real crabby cakes (above, at left) and taste-test them against Crab Cakes by Sophie’s Kitchen. They are made with Konjac root, pronounced ‘kon-jack’, an ancient Asian […]

seapak lobster and shrimp bites

SeaPak Lobster and Shrimp Bites

Think of the SeaPak Lobster and Shrimp Bites as a crab cake’s smaller cousin. The one that drank coffee as a child and stunted its growth. But that’s fine; SeaPak didn’t make them to be the main entree.

kelp bloody mary

Barnacle Foods Kelp Bloody Mary Box

If ever there were a time for a Bloody Mary, it’s 2020. And with Christmas coming up, the Kelp Bloody Mary Box from Barnacle Foods is a great gift idea for anyone who likes a unique spin on that libation.