catfish curry

Laotian Catfish Curry

While this Laotian catfish curry recipe goes great with said fish, other similar fishies would work well with the curry also. This recipe and others can be found in Dave DeWitt’s book, A World of Curries.

catfish recipe

Tantalizing Catfish (Amok)

Cambodian cooking is very similar to Thai cooking, which shares the influence of Vietnam, China and Indonesia. It can be characterized by the uses of lemongrass, galangal, ginger, garlic and many fresh water fish.

Sea Urchin

Note: Bracketed material will eventually become endnotes. Nonfish Roe Producers Not that much has been written about the lesser-known non-fish roemakers. I’ve learned that crab roe is an essential ingredient in Chinese She-Crab Soup and that since Shrimp roe is carried externally by shrimp, it is often served that way […]