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oyster shucker

Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker

I really think oysters can go shuck themselves. All of them. Get shucked, oysters. That way, we can eat you without the risk of losing our fingers to knives and those razor edges you call shells. Seeing as how that’s never going to happen, though, if you’re big into eating […]

Trader Joe’s Nova Salmon Pieces

Trader Joe’s Nova Salmon Pieces If you love salmon and cream cheese on your bagel in the morning like I do, you probably get stressed out by the price of nova salmon, which is cold-smoked but unbrined. A quick search of prices on Amazon Shopping reveals prices of $3.11 to […]

smoked scallop macaroni and cheese

Seabear Smokehouse: Smoked Scallop Macaroni and Cheese

Smoked Scallop Macaroni and Cheese sounds about as comfy as it gets. And Seabear Smokehouse sells it in one pound trays. What this means is, you can go buck wild binge eating while binge watching on a cold fall or winter night. You’re not limited to some little cup-type dish. […]

noh poke mix

NOH Poke Mix

NOH Poke Mix is a great authentic starting point for creating real-deal poke flavor without the flight to the Hawaiian Islands. Not that flying out there is bad; it’s just kinda time intensive versus mixing poke up at home. And this Hawaiian Poke mix delivers great flavor. Its ingredients are […]

honey smoked salmon strips

Great Alaska Seafood Honey Smoked Salmon Strips

Great Alaska Seafood knows that one of the best ways to make smoked salmon even better is to add honey to it. Not only that, they use Alaskan honey in their Alaskan salmon for this here product. And it gets better. These strips are cut from what may be the […]

barnacle foods kelp salsa

Barnacle Foods Bonfire Kelp Salsa

Bonfire Kelp Salsa is Barnacle Foods’ apex predator in the spicy department. They also offer a mild and a medium. Flavor-wise, chipotle peppers give it some smoky goodness and a little heat, ramped up by cayenne, ancho, and African peppers. When the salsa hits your mouth, the slight smokiness greets […]