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seapak lobster and shrimp bites

SeaPak Lobster and Shrimp Bites

Think of the SeaPak Lobster and Shrimp Bites as a crab cake’s smaller cousin. The one that drank coffee as a child and stunted its growth. But that’s fine; SeaPak didn’t make them to be the main entree.

kelp bloody mary

Barnacle Foods Kelp Bloody Mary Box

If ever there were a time for a Bloody Mary, it’s 2020. And with Christmas coming up, the Kelp Bloody Mary Box from Barnacle Foods is a great gift idea for anyone who likes a unique spin on that libation.

smoked salmon collars

Smoked King Salmon Collars

Ed’s Kasilof Seafoods is one of the few suppliers that carries the gourmet specialty know as smoked King Salmon collars. Just like a shirt, the collars are in the area closest to the head.

oyster shucker

Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker

I really think oysters can go shuck themselves. All of them. Get shucked, oysters. That way, we can eat you without the risk of losing our fingers to knives and those razor edges you call shells. Seeing as how that’s never going to happen, though, if you’re big into eating […]