Mariscos: Mexican Seafood


Muchos Moles

Someone once said, “There are as many recipes for salsas as households in Mexico.” I submit the same goes for moles. They can be sweet, spicy, salty, and more.

Shrimp aguachiles tostada


Few dishes are as delicious and easier to make than Aguachiles. I was introduced to it by my daughter Natalia while on a winter vacation in Nayarit.

Pámpano en Escabeche photo courtesy of Sectur Campeche

Hunting Seafood Treasure in Campeche

Imagine a place where you can drive for more than 40 miles between a lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico, where humble houses on the side of the road sell crab meat by the kilo and on the road’s speed bumps you can buy fresh prawns, bags full of green habaneros, or the largest shrimp you’ve ever seen.

history of mexican seafood

The Birth of Mexican Seafood

Díaz del Castillo describes vividly, among other things, the dishes Moctezuma II had at his disposal on a daily basis. He talks about 30 different dishes that were prepared daily in an amount of 300 servings.

ceviche recipe

Recipe for Ceviche

The components of ceviche – raw fish marinated with citrus juices and other ingredients – vary depending on where it’s prepared. While ceviche originated in Latin America, it is now popular in many other countries, each with a different spin.

sundried shrimp

Beer, Bars, and Sun-Dried Shrimp

The menu of la botana is Mexican in principle with clear influence by Spanish cuisine, in the line of Tapas bar food but on the fiery side—so you drink more. Caldo de camarón is the quintessential first course in a cantina.