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byron bay chilli co prawns

Byron Bay Chilli Co | Chilli and Lime Skewered Prawns

One great thing about Byron Bay Chilli Co is that their recipes always make me think of the beach. That’s really valuable when you’re cooped up during late-winter cold. The combination of coconut hot sauce and prawns is a terrific team-up no matter what season it is, though. Ingredients 24 […]

bahamian grouper sandwich

Bahamian Grouper Sandwich

The grouper can either be fried or grilled, but since we were served fried grouper, try the recipe shown. Snapper can be substituted for the grouper but use a salt water fish for this recipe.

Marlin Quesadillas

Make sure to keep an eye on your marlin quesadillas while they’re cooking; you don’t want to overcook the cheese, which should ooze gradually into the fish to create a mixed and delicious flavor. You can substitute any type of fish for marlin.