5 People Charged for $4 Million Salmon Theft

How is it five people allegedly stole 250 tonnes of salmon without committing piracy on the high seas? The tasty, tasty loot, valued at $4 million, was taken from a processing plant in Sydney, Australia. No boarding action with cannons and cutlasses. And it didn’t happen all at once, either.

The Huon Aquaculture Ingleburn plant called in authorities to investigate after management discovered a 600 kg a day discrepancy in the facility’s output. Allegedly, the suspects labeled the high-grade salmon as waste, then sold or traded it all off-site. Two women and three men were charged with stealing property and larceny. Oh, and they’ve also been fired. I love salmon but I don’t think I love it quite this much.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels