Blue Tech Ecosystem: Protecting Oceans

Following last year’s successful Deep Tech Connect Summit, BMNT Inc.’s enterprise accelerator, H4XLabs, is launching a new initiative to explore the blue tech ecosystem and how to get funding for advanced and emerging technologies that can be harnessed to protect the oceans.

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This effort consists of several hyper-focused events in Seattle, Boston, San Diego, and other U.S. hubs to connect startups, investors, government actors and commercial leaders.

The first of these, The Pacific NorthWest Blue Tech Innovation Day, is Feb. 24, 10 am-3 pm PT in Seattle. This free event will lay the groundwork for a more robust model to grow blue tech in the region. The blue economy includes, but is not limited to marine fisheries, data collection, ports, aquaculture, marine renewables, coastal protection, transport, and energy.

The day will start at 10 am PT with the following virtual panel discussions:

  • State of the Blue Economy, featuring speakers from industry, including Johannes Schoenberg of NUWC Keyport and NavalX Northwest
  • Access to Capital for the Blue Economy, will provide guidance on how to attract funding via investment, government programs, and more. Phoebe Wang of Shell Ventures and Josh Carter of Washington Maritime Blue & 1859 Ventures will speak.

From 1-3 pm PT, select startups can participate in in-person speed networking with vetted investors from the blue tech ecosystem. This will showcase the innovation in the space to potential investors. Interested startups can apply here.

“We live in a crucial time for the health of Earth’s most valuable resource. Our action, or inaction, now will dictate the future of our oceans. This effort is an opportunity to gather some of the most innovative and experimental minds in the field to solve hard problems in the ‘blue ecosystem,’ while fostering lasting relationships and collaborative partnerships,” said Ellen Chang, Director of H4X Labs.

The Pacific NorthWest Blue Tech Innovation Day is a partnership among BMNT; H4XLabs; Impact Washington; the Pacific Northwest Tech Bridge; and NavalX.