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Nat’l Tuna Appreciation Day is a Go

About a quarter of Americans observe Lent which means when it comes to meatless Fridays, it’s a great time to turn to tuna! Pastene, a leading importer of Italian specialty goods including pastas, sauces, and tuna, is celebrating by launching the very first National Tuna Appreciation Day. The day will be observed the third Friday of every March, this year it falls on Friday, March 18th, to celebrate one of the most popular seafoods consumed globally. Pastene hopes to remind people of the health benefits of tuna and to encourage people to try creative, flavorful tuna recipes and dishes – without the need for mayo. The company will also donate 1,000 servings of tuna to the Greater Boston Food Bank along with pasta and other Italian favorites.

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“Pastene created this observance day to bring attention to tuna and all of its benefits,” said Mark Tosi, Co-owner and President of Pastene. “Our Skipjack tuna is sustainably and responsibly fished and because it’s fresh-packed in olive oil, it’s so moist it can be eaten as is. It’s also conveniently packed in cans and pouches giving it a long shelf life.”

Pastene is also launching the Pastene Italian Feast Seafood Delight Gift Box, a new tuna-themed gift box filled with a curated selection of seafood, pasta, and other key Italian kitchen essentials that can be purchased on the company’s website. Along with the new gift box, Pastene is sharing interesting facts and new tuna-inspired recipes featuring its solid light tuna packed in olive oil. More information can be found at and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.