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Grilled Seafood Focaccia

Grilled Seafood Focaccia just sounds right, doesn’t it? Or, as K Cass BBQ told us, “We experimented with grilling all kinds of pizzas. This one is delightful.”

grilling seafood shrimp

The Art of Grilling Seafood

Here in New England lobsters are usually steamed with some rockweed (seaweed); clams and oysters are served raw on the half-shell with just a spritz of lemon and a dash of hot sauce; and scallops are pan-seared until barely translucent.


Peppered Shrimp Jamaican-Style

The shrimp taste better if you cook them with their shells on. Then you can serve them as an appetizer and have your guests peel the shrimp themselves. Alternatively, you can use peeled shrimp and serve them over white rice.

catfish curry

Laotian Catfish Curry

While this Laotian catfish curry recipe goes great with said fish, other similar fishies would work well with the curry also. This recipe and others can be found in Dave DeWitt’s book, A World of Curries.