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cajun salmon recipe

Crazy Cajun Salmon

Everyone loves salmon. It is such a flavorful fish, especially with all the great herbs and spices included here. Give this recipe a try and it will be Mardi Gras in your mouth.

creole seafood sauce

Creole Sauce

This Creole sauce, similar to that served at the world ­renowned Antoine’s restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans, represents the essence of Creole cookery.

fried flying fish

Fried Flying Fish

There are a great number of variations on this favorite Bajan specialty. Flying fish is sometimes found frozen in Florida markets; if it’s not available, substitute any mild white fish, such as flounder.

barbecue shrimp

Barbecue Shrimp

This Cajun-based recipe is actually cooked, not barbecue shrimp. Using the barbecue sauce as a condiment reduces the need for a number of ingredients.