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smoked scallops recipe

Smoked Scallops

Purchase scallops that are “dry packed” —meaning they haven’t been treated with a phosphate solution to absorb moisture and increase the cost per pound.

shrimp and scallop recipe

Sichuan Citrus Shrimp and Scallops

The first food I prepared with a salt block was a Sichuan citrus scallop and shrimp appetizer (this could also be an entrée if you increase the number of shrimp and scallops per serving). Following the manufacturer’s recommendations I placed the dry, room temperature salt block on an unheated grill […]

smoked scallop macaroni and cheese

Seabear Smokehouse: Smoked Scallop Macaroni and Cheese

Smoked Scallop Macaroni and Cheese sounds about as comfy as it gets. And Seabear Smokehouse sells it in one pound trays. What this means is, you can go buck wild binge eating while binge watching on a cold fall or winter night. You’re not limited to some little cup-type dish. […]