oyster shucker

Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker

I really think oysters can go shuck themselves. All of them. Get shucked, oysters. That way, we can eat you without the risk of losing our fingers to knives and those razor edges you call shells. Seeing as how that’s never going to happen, though, if you’re big into eating oysters, you may want to pick up a dedicated shucker like the Aw Shucks, here.

Tools like this really can cut down on time. In the Aw Shucks case, your choice of two sizes of stainless steel arms works with a steel plate to pry oysters open at the hinge. From there you or your assistant finishes the job with a knife and removes the yummy from its prison for consumption. Pricing on shuckers we’ve found varies from $48 and up but as with any culinary tool, you need to balance price and quality before buying one.