bristol bay sockeye salmon run

Bristol Bay Salmon Run to Break Records

From the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, the harvest of sockeye salmon, a legendary culinary experience, is set to break records. Consumers and chefs can’t wait for July when the opportunity to enjoy this memorable fish comes once again.

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The Alaska Department of Fish & Game is predicting that over 75 million sockeye will return to Bristol Bay this summer, topping the largest salmon run on record. Bristol Bay is a world-renowned, thriving, and vast ecosystem that is home to thousands of fishermen, six major river systems, and millions of salmon. Alaska is known for its commitment to sustainably managed salmon runs; the fish are a vital link to the state’s past and a key to its future.

“Salmon is more than a delicious and nutritious source of protein,” said Lilani Dunn, Marketing Director of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. “It is also part of the fabric of life, an essential livelihood, and the foundation of health for Bristol Bay fishermen. This abundant and record-setting harvest is the result of careful attention to sustainable fishing practices. And we are honored to share it with the world.”

The record Bristol Bay salmon run reaches retailers and restaurants across the U.S. just as Americans are increasing their love of seafood, recognizing its unmatched culinary versatility and health benefits. Additionally, consumers increased their consumption of seafood during the pandemic as families expanded their home menus and tried new seafood recipes. Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon has provided inspiration with an enticing collection of recipes that will excite families and guests all summer long.

bristol bay sockeye salmon run
2022 Bristol Bay Sockeye Run Set to Shatter

Retailers and food service providers¬†across the country are taking advantage of this record salmon run and will be promoting Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon throughout the month of July and depending on run timing, into August. Participating retailers include Wegmans, Whole Foods, Publix, Harris Teeter, Raley’s, Hy-Vee, Heinen’s, Dierbergs Markets, H-E-B, Zucker’s Bagels, King Soopers, Rosauers, New Seasons, and QFC. Find Bristol Bay Salmon near you here.

“We are excited to have such a fabulous group of retailers to introduce even more consumers to the wonderful taste and unmatched health benefits of sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay,” added Dunn.

To learn more about the Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon visit here. The brand is managed and funded by the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association.