Forever Oceans Kanpachi

Forever Oceans Kanpachi Hits Both Coasts

Fish raised by deep-water, offshore aquaculture innovator, Forever Oceans, is now available at restaurants coast to coast. The placements coincide with the company’s first commercial harvests off the west coast of Panama.

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“We’re thrilled by the reception we’ve received from chefs and restaurateurs, and are so proud to be showcased at a growing number of fantastic restaurants on both coasts,” said Forever Oceans CEO, Bill Bien. “We’ve long known about the versatility and quality of our fish and how it performs both raw and cooked and with a broad range of cuisines and flavors. Seeing how a variety of world-class chefs are now working with Forever Oceans Kanpachi really brings its attributes to life.”

Goin’ Out to Cali

In California, Forever Oceans Kanpachi is being featured in several menu items—including sushi tacos and Fresh Catch entrees—at all 13 locations of Pacific Catch, a West Coast fish house that prioritizes sustainability and features innovative, bold seafood preparations. The restaurant has a presence in both Southern and Northern California, with locations in Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Francisco and San Diego among others.

Forever Oceans Kanpachi

“We are excited to partner with Forever Oceans to bring their delicious ethically raised, sustainable fish to our guests,” said Tom Hanson, Chief Operating Officer & President of Pacific Catch. “This partnership highlights Pacific Catch’s commitment to working with best and most ethical seafood suppliers to ensure our Guests can feel great about their choice to dine with us.”

Feast in the East

On the East Coast, Forever Oceans is working distribution partner ProFish and quickly gaining menu placements among notable restaurants throughout the greater Washington D.C. region. Forever Oceans Kanpachi can now be found at the one-Michelin-star restaurant Gravitas and the 14th Street, modern Mexican hot spot, Maiz64, owned by Oaxacan-born chef Alam Mendez.

“The people at Forever Oceans have put forth a fantastic product that is delicious to eat, has a great presentation, and is healthy for both the consumer and the environment,” said V. Glenn Casten III, a Fishmonger at Washington D.C.-based ProFish, one of the distributors that committed early to purchasing fish from Forever Oceans’ first harvests. “We at ProFish are excited to partner with Forever Oceans in bringing their Kanpachi to the discerning clients we serve. The reception so far has been very enthusiastic.”

Southern Comfort

In Virginia, Forever Oceans Kanpachi is being menued at the Westwood Country Club in Vienna, PassionFish in Reston, and Claire’s at the Depot in Warrenton. Denim & Pearls, a Modern-American restaurant also located in Warrenton, has been offering Forever Oceans Kanpachi as a special and plans to make the fish a permanent menu offering in the spring.

“Their fish is some of the best we’ve ever had,” said Denim & Pearls chef Woody Isaac. “And in addition to the quality, knowing that it’s sustainably raised makes an impact with our team and customers. What Forever Oceans is doing gives a glimpse into the future of abundant, sustainable seafood.”

How Suite it is

Forever Oceans is the first company to execute commercial deep-water, offshore aquaculture by applying a suite of cutting-edge technologies to its operations. Through the use of patented single point mooring, satellite-controlled robotics and AI-driven sensors and cameras, the company raises fish in deep, clean ocean water, which has less of an impact on the environment and produces fish of premium quality.

“People are starting to realize what a central role healthy, sustainable seafood needs to play in meeting the world’s growing demand for protein in the coming decades,” added Bien. “The enthusiastic reception we’ve received from restaurants so far has shown there’s a real appetite for what we’re offering.”

About Forever Oceans

Forever Oceans is a leading innovator in sustainable seafood and offshore, warm-water aquaculture. The company’s mission is to create a new way for the world to produce delicious seafood that’s good for people and the planet. Forever Oceans’ unique approach to aquaculture is enabled by a patented, single-point mooring technology that allows its enclosures to orient naturally with ocean currents and swells, enabling fish to swim as they would in a wild environment.

The company also uses a suite of other technologies, including satellite-controlled robotics, near-field communications, AI-driven cameras, and a feed management software platform. In addition to its Panama site, Forever Oceans also has operations in Indonesia and Brazil. Forever Oceans has been named one of America’s most innovative seafood companies by Seafood Source.