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Carthage Crabs: New Pasteurized Crab Meat

Carthage Crabs, a supplier of Mediterranean Blue Swimming Crab and seafood, has launched its pasteurized crab meat under its Quality Catch brand. Inventory is fully stocked in the US with five grades: Jumbo Lump, Super Lump, Lump, Claw and Special. The company has also begun production for its line of crab cakes, produced in Maryland.

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Company President Amir Ben Ameur said, “We have been seeing a steady bounce-back for demand for quality pasteurized crabmeat and we are fully stocked for the holiday season. Sold in 1-pound cans, the pasteurized crabmeat is wild caught, Blue Swimming Crab, (Portunus Pelagicus) from the waters of the Mediterranean. The Blue Swimming Crab is a very sweet and tasty crab and, we think, some of the very best in the world. Our crabmeat is great for cold seafood platters, crab cakes, crab stuffing, crab salad or just a delicious snack.”

Continued Mr. Ben Ameur, “We are also very excited as we are expanding our value-added product line and produce our own crab cakes made in Maryland. We will be announcing further updates in the upcoming weeks.” More information can be found on their website and they welcome all inquiries.

About Carthage Crabs

Based in New Jersey, Carthage Crabs is pleased to present a direct bridge from Africa to the United States and other global markets for Blue Swimming Crab and a full line of seafood. Carthage Crabs has joined the NFI Crab Council, the leading industry, pre-competitive, crab sustainability organization. Carthage Crabs is the 34th member company to join the Crab Council.

Photo by RODNAE Productions via Pexels