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New Wave Foods Plant-Based Shrimp Hits Foodservice Companies

New Wave Foods just signed a strategic distribution agreement launching its New Wave Shrimp to North American restaurants and foodservice companies. Under a non-exclusive agreement with Dot Foods, the largest foodservice industry redistributor in North America, New Wave Foods is accelerating its go-to-market efforts by providing foodservice companies with immediate and convenient access to its plant-based shrimp.

New Wave Shrimp is a proprietary plant-based product made of sustainable seaweed and plant proteins. Created through close collaboration with top-tier chefs and renowned R&D experts, the plant-based shrimp is virtually indistinguishable from ocean shrimp in terms of taste, texture and bite. This innovative product delivers versatility to menus and meets the needs of foodservice operators who are constantly working to innovate and delight their customers.

New Wave Foods: Big Money Deal

New Wave Foods is disrupting the $9 billion dollar shrimp market and is focused on the restaurant and non-commercial foodservice segments where 80 percent of shrimp is consumed. Seafood is expected to take the plant-based food spotlight in 2021, according to Datassential. Americans eat an estimated 1.5 billion pounds of shrimp annually, making shrimp the most consumed seafood in the U.S., with consumption intake equal to twice as much as salmon or tuna.

“Following our recently announced $18 million Series A financing, we’re excited to launch this new agreement which extends our presence and provides foodservice companies throughout the U.S. greater access to New Wave’s plant-based shrimp,” said Mary McGovern, CEO, New Wave Foods. “Given Dot Food’s vast foodservice distribution coverage, this partnership provides New Wave Foods with immediate national availability while demonstrating Dot’s belief in the growth of plant-based eating and New Wave’s product offering.”

new wave foods


New Wave Shrimp

New Wave Shrimp provides a one-for-one swap for ocean shrimp as an ingredient in any hot shrimp dish on menus. The product is pre-cooked and is as a perfect ingredient for fast preparations such as bruschetta, nachos or entrees such as chowder, tacos, pasta and Kung Pao.

“We know that commercial and non-commercial foodservice operators need to continue to excite their guests with innovative food products, and plant-based food is the largest growing segment,” said Rodd Willis, director of natural and specialty, Dot Foods. “New Wave Shrimp is an extremely unique product – a true game changer in the seafood industry. We believe that it is a great plant-based alternative to ocean shrimp as an ingredient, and that it delivers on the needs of foodservice operators for menu versatility and quality.”

New Wave Shrimp is plant-based, free from shellfish and soy allergens, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher.

New Wave Foods is focused on the plant-based shrimp category with new line extensions planned in 2021 and expansion into other plant-based shellfish in 2022 to include lobster, scallops and crab. See their website for more info.

Photo Credit: Feature photo courtesy of New Wave Foods