salmon hot dogs

Salmon Hot Dogs? Hmmm…

Salmon hot dogs shouldn’t come as a surprise to me at this point in seafood history. Nor should I be surprised they come from Norway. But here we are.

Kvarøy Arctic (pronounced “Kwa-ray”) sustainably raises Atlantic salmon along Norway’s Arctic Circle. They’re pleased to announce that its line of premium salmon hot dogs is now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market.

Kvarøy’s Salmon Hot Dogs are sold in packs of four and retail for $5.99. The product can be found in three different flavors—original, original and cheese, and jalapeno and cheese. You’ll see them in the fish and seafood section at Whole Foods Markets.

The Whole Story

As a proud supporter of Whole Kids Foundation, Kvarøy Arctic always strives towards offering wholesome salmon products that can be served for all.

“An important part of Whole Kids Foundation’s mission is encouraging families to make the most of every meal by offering a variety of nutritious foods,” said Chanta Williams, Interim Executive Director of Whole Kids Foundation. “We are grateful to have a growing partnership with Kvarøy Arctic, which shares our belief that when kids are given healthy options, they make good choices.”

Supporting families with healthy and climate-friendly food while giving back to Whole Kids Foundation’s school programs is Kvarøy Arctic’s mission. “Our goal is to create products that are delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. We believe our salmon hot dogs not only achieve that but can also become an all-time favorite for the whole family,” said Kvarøy Arctic CEO Alf-Gøran Knutsen.

Going to the Dogs

Made with the American Heart Association-certified sustainable Kvarøy Arctic Atlantic salmon, the salmon hot dogs have a velvety, fatty texture. This reportedly makes it easy to prepare them as you would your traditional hot dogs. These new frozen pantry staples are non-GMO, gluten free, and can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. They also have a full weekly recommended allowance of Omega-3s in one serving.

Kvarøy’s Salmon Dogs are more than just nutritious, though—they serve a mindful purpose as well. A core part of Kvarøy Arctic’s sustainability goal is to lower food waste. The company utilizes the trimmings and off-cuts from its fish to create the hot dogs. Kvarøy’s Salmon Dogs provide just one solution for preventing food waste while also offering an exciting and approachable new way to enjoy salmon at home.