arka salmon display

Multi X Introduces Arka, World’s First Salmon Brand Full Line of Ultra-Premium, Antibiotic-Free Salmon

It’s kind of an exciting time for seafood products right now, isn’t it? Between all of the research going into sustainable aquaculture and lots of new products, seafood options keep growing and growing. One of the latest comes to use from global salmon company Multi X. They just announced its new brand, Arka, the world’s first brand with a full line of antibiotic-free certified (ABF) fresh, frozen and smoked salmon products from the Magallanes Region of Chile, Region XII.

Arka made its debut —entering the US, Canadian and European markets— in October 2021. Raised in the nutrient-rich Antarctic waters of Region XII, Arka Brand salmon products are ABF certified, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified, and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 4 Star certified; making Arka ultra-premium salmon one of the world’s most responsible and conscious salmon brands available for retail and food service today. Arka is already in full production, with 19,000 tons able to be shipped; and the company plans to expand to new markets in 2022. With its full vertical integration, the company is well poised to supply and scale large retail and food service needs consistently season over season.

arka salmon on table

“As one of the largest and most trusted importer of Atlantic fresh, frozen and smoked salmon into the U.S., Multi X is committed to nourishing the future by championing and pioneering responsible solutions that meet the world’s ever-growing protein demands. Listed in the top 25% of food companies worldwide on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index several years in a row, Multi X remains transparent and continues to lead the way forward in how we meet healthy food demands throughout our entire value chain and operation,” said Ricardo Grunwald, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Multi X. “Arka received its name from the local native Kawésqar dialect, meaning heaven, and we are honored to share this one-of-a-kind premium salmon, as we believe this salmon is truly heaven.”

The launch includes: fresh and frozen whole salmon, fillets and portions. Arka is the only smoked salmon that is ABF certified from XII Region and is available in a variety of cold smoked options. Find out more on Arka and Multi X seafood products here.